Artisan Designs UK

From classic to contemporary with a smidgen of avant-garde.

Exceptional jewellery for exceptional people.

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 Artisan Designs UK is an award winning Lancashire based

 jewellery boutique

where you will find exclusive luxury jewellery and gifts.

Whether you desire a unique piece of bespoke jewellery created just for you. Or you wish to buy from the jewellery boutique, you can be assured that you are buying from a reputable jewellery artist who is regularly seen in National magazines and has over 20 years in the fashion, beauty, art and design industry.

Free delivery on all UK orders over £30

Authentic artistic conceptions created with aesthetic flair and imagination all executed with attention to detail.

 I have raised £107 for Finding Furever Homes Now that my target is reached i shall continue fund raising for them with 15% of sales from this website

Find out why and how you too can help.

A not for profit jewellery section is now active where each piece is £5 or less and has been created purely to raise funds for Finding Furever Homes. Aimed at a fast turnover so be quick.

Like it? Buy it, or it may be gone next time that you drop by.

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